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Holy Time
By : Neville Peter

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Holy time the week is ending with the setting of the sun. Holy time the week has ended and the Sabbath has begun. I can feel the blessing falling sanctifying heart and mind. I can hear the spirit calling me from care to holy time.

Holy time now God is with us I can feel his presence near. I can hear his still small voices Heavens peace and joy to share. Lord I know that you are with me, I have always seen the signs, but there’s nothing quite as special as when we meet for holy time.

 Holy time a taste of Heaven, oh the fullness of your love. Out of all you chose the Seventh fresh anointing from above.  I have tasted living water nothing like this none will find. Oh the beauty of your presence you and I in Holy time!

When life here on earth is ended and there’s only righteousness. New Jerusalem descended with the saints of God to rest. I’ll forever sing your praises and you’ll be forever mine. Face-to-Face we’ll be together you and I, God and I in holy time.